Feng Shui Consultation

Feng shui consultation services are available for residential and commercial properties, both pre- and post-construction. A comprehensive feng shui analysis requires a site inspection, consultation with the architect, designer, or occupant, study of the physical environment, and review of the interior layout of the space under consideration. The residential feng shui consultation focuses on health, harmony, and prosperity, while the commercial feng shui consultation focuses on ensuring the profitability of the business under evaluation. 


Any visible obstructions to the favorable flow and manifestation of energy throughout the space are remedied. Corrections to both room allocation and furniture placement are prescribed to maximize success, prosperity, health, and harmony. In the residential evaluation emphasis is placed on the location of the main entrance, the location of the kitchen and orientation of the stove, as well as the location and layout of the bedrooms and living rooms.  In the commercial evaluation particular emphasis is given to the location and orientation of the entry, as well as the location and orientation of the business manager or CEO, administration, and sales staff. Recommendations for feng shui based color schemes are included in the assessment.


Consultations may be provided at any point in the design process. However, it is most desirable to incorporate feng shui applications as early as it is practical. This allows for a focus on the integration of feng shui principles into the design concept, rather than on corrections.

“I am such a big believer in the importance of understanding how energy is flowing in a space, and Astrid did a great job of helping us to understand the patterns in our home and how best to play to our individual strengths.  Having her come work with us in Pennsylvania was a great opportunity for our whole family. Everyone participated and was engaged in the experience.

Astrid is a pleasure to work with.”

-Shawn Hayashi

Center Valley, Pennsylvania

Feng Shui Design

Feng shui design is, simply stated, the synthesis of two compatible fields of study sharing a common goal – to improve quality of life through changes in the built environment. While interior design focuses on physical improvements that are visible, feng shui works on a more metaphysical level with changes that are tangible, but often unseen. In all phases of the design process, from programming to space planning, fixtures and finishes through product and color specification, it is possible to integrate interior design concepts with feng shui considerations.


Beyond the realm of form and function, feng shui provides the possibility for energetic modifications, which may include the correlation between chi flow and circulation patterns, the effects of yin and yang in the specification of furnishings and finishes, the influence of the five elements on the experience of place, as well as the understanding of directional energies to assist in room allocation and furniture orientation. When the feng shui paradigm is applied to interior design, designs may be elevated to a higher level of discernment and client satisfaction.

“We had a fantastic experience with Astrid, who provided us with integral solutions for a residential and an office project. Both projects, from their inception, were an enjoyable and interactive learning process with the highest return. Astrid’s professionalism, charisma, and passion to deliver, translates into the best customer experience possible.”

-Sergio and Ana

Hollywood, Florida


Astrid Newton Rush Feng Shui Design

Feng shui assessments are available to architects and interior designers on commercial and selected residential projects. They are unique in that our professional expertise is employed to enhance and support the architect or interior designer’s project. Here we may work directly with the design professional or as part of a team that includes the client and the architect or interior designer.


It is important to remember that the aim of feng shui is to maximize the potential for success, happiness and well-being. Our goal as interior designers and architects is to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of those who inhabit the spaces we design. Feng shui, when applied correctly, reinforces this objective.

“Astrid and I created a design together for a very complex and interesting home in Miami, a beautiful, contemporary house which is in its final phase of completion. I found Astrid to be a very precise and professional specialist. She demonstrated a very good understanding of both feng shui and architecture, and I am confident will be able to provide great help during both the

design and build phases.”

-Hugo Mijares Jr., Principal

One DB Architecture and Design

Miami, Florida


Updated Seminars will be offered in conjunction with the release of Astrid’s book later this year.

“They say knowledge is power, and after Astrid’s courses I was able to transpose and implement many aspects of feng shui

onto my clients’ homes and businesses with spectacular results. Feng shui totally enhanced the design process.

With Astrid’s methods I was able to introduce balance and a new understanding of creativity, while still maintaining

basic design concepts such as form follows function.”

-Barbara Marcus, ASID, IIDA

Scottsdale, Arizona